Spend more time on business development, putting worries on your company's IT infrastructure to us! To make it easier for your everyday worries about easier and more complex problems with IT, we offer to maintain IT infrastructure for you. Take care to ensure that equipment is functioning will prevent technical failures, if any, resulting in maximum reduction of machine downtime. We are prepared to help both natural and legal persons.

  • installation of the hardware;
  • hardware repair and diagnostics;
  • Computer Intination and Preventive maintenance (installing OS upgrades; Check your antivirus software activity checking installed software updates; Check and optimize your hard disk activity Cleaning temporary operating system files Verifying driver versions and updates Evaluating the total health of your computer and providing recommendations; Computer parameter testing, software auditing and verification.);
  • Configuration and maintenance of print equipment.
  • Monitoring the procedure for creating backup data;
  • Setting up and configuring network hardware
  • Network Solutions Monitoring (firewall monitoring; Monitoring the VPN solution; Tackling Internet accessibility and other issues related to internet service providers);
  • Handling of applications in remote mode;
  • On-the-spot handling of applications;
  • installation, maintenance (Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, MAC OS X, Linux, etc.)
  • computer audit, documentation;
  • software legality audit;
  • Calibration of the monitors;
  • Advice
  • Installation of Video surveillance systems;
  • Website development.

Our Advantages:

Quality-you will get specialists who can solve the various problems of IT;

Speed-will solve problems in a short period of time

Price-a specialist you will not have to hire for a full day, but only for certain jobs.

The troubleshooting of the challenge can be done remotely by connecting to the user's computer or going away from you.

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